What is Impulse?

Impulse is the next generation big data analytics platform to provide the enterprise intelligence.

Whath is Impulse used for?

  • Failure detection and early warning for IT Operation that uses the system logs and resource metrics of IT systems.
  • Failure prediction using sensor data from the device IoT(Internet of Things).
  • Anomaly detection of performance degradation using the access log of IT services.
  • Detection of security incidents using the audit logs and the PC operation logs.
  • Behavior analytics using image data from the sensors and camera device, etc.


Unified data analytics platform

  • Impulse is a data analysis platform that adopts the “Apache Spark” as the core architecture. Impulse is providing a unified platform that is ultra-high-speed processing by in-memory computing, deep analysis by machine learning, the streaming processing.

Easy to use Machine Learning

  • Impulse is equipped with advanced analysis functions using machine learning. In addition, there are cost advantages that compared to other companies. We have the ingenuity of automation for use easily. We has continued its efforts to offer the benefit of analysis using machine learning to many companies.

Agility, Scalability, Performance

  • Advantage of the various AWS services with the scalability, such as Amazon Kinesis and Dynamo DB, S3, EMR, etc., and to achieve the provision of quick and inexpensive large-scale data analysis environment. Brains Technology is the Technology Partners of AWS.
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