What is Grasper?

Grasper is the integrated log management & analytics service which reduces system operation workload.


Data Collection

Collecting logs by using Grasper Agent, Fluentd or through AWS API(Cloud Watch logs, Amazon S3, etc.), Zabbix API. No matter whether on cloud or on-premise.

Data Storage

Compressing logs and then Archiving on S3, indexing it.

Log Search

Searching logs by any keywords. Searching also resources(cpu usage, etc.) at the same time.


you can create and share dashboard screen and display the various graphs such as trends of cpu utilization, log generation ratio and error incidence of each system on it.


Classifying large log data according to similar message and displaying it.


SNS notification according to conditions. Providing customized notification optionally.


Detecting characteristic trends and changes from large log data and then reporting it. Helping people to analyze system troubles.

Anomaly Detection

Analyzing log data in realtime, and then detecting the server which occurred anomalous status or changed trends.


Reduce of IT systems failure by proactively detection and early warning.

  • anomaly detection of a complex system state can not be found in threshold-based monitoring systems.
  • Prevention of resource depletion by appropriate capacity prediction.

Reduce of failure corresponding time and workforce.

  • Quickly search and analysis of the huge logs.
  • quickly analysis of the area of influence.

Efficiency of operational reporting and sharing the IT system operational status.

  • Reduce operational report creation time.
  • Sharing of smooth and rapid system operation status.